Monday, May 26, 2008

Brood XIV of the 17 Year Locust

Meet an insect that is seventeen years old and about to die. This is another big brood year for these creatures. This is a story of pretty incredible biology when you think about it.


Eighty eight aint no Tyewhoppity.
But Tyewhoppity aint no Black Gnat.

If you ask me that is.

Splash Pad

Whiskey barrels loosen up if they dry out. I had this one inside as a table while it was waiting for it's day in the rain. I had to fill it up to let it soak and I had to pound the rings back toward the middle with a wood block and a mallet. It leaked like a sieve at first but it didn't take long for it to swell tight again. Don't give up on it quick. In a day or two a barrel should hold tight again.

Didn't want a mud hole under the tap (which isn't in yet in this picture) and needed a flat place to put a watering can while it filled. I made these concrete stepping stones years ago when I lived in Florida. They're easy. Just place a bunch of bricks on an old piece of plywood to make a form and fill it with concrete mixed a little too wet. Drift in the junk and let it sit. That's pretty much it.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Addicted to Rain

After seeing how much rain I could gather off the chicken coop roof I got to thinking how much roof I own. And, defacto, how much water I might be able to gather. I admit to feeling a bit greedy. Now I'm addicted to rain barrels and have an idea for an above ground concrete cistern.

While that idea kicks around like Ruby in the womb here's a picture of our latest water gathering station. I like the way the whiskey barrel looks with the house. Better, visually, than the plastic variety. With this is old Four Roses barrel I now have just more than 100 gallon storage capacity.

The vine by the barrel tank is hops, a relative of both the mulberry tree and pot. I love the foliage of hops and you can train the vines to go where you would like. In this case, an arch of green from the post to the back door. I heard that pillows filled with dried hop buds promotes deeper sleep.

Next post I'll let you know how I hook into the gutter supply. I just went up on the roof and found out my gutter is full of detritus. Gotta go deal with that.