Monday, May 26, 2008

Splash Pad

Whiskey barrels loosen up if they dry out. I had this one inside as a table while it was waiting for it's day in the rain. I had to fill it up to let it soak and I had to pound the rings back toward the middle with a wood block and a mallet. It leaked like a sieve at first but it didn't take long for it to swell tight again. Don't give up on it quick. In a day or two a barrel should hold tight again.

Didn't want a mud hole under the tap (which isn't in yet in this picture) and needed a flat place to put a watering can while it filled. I made these concrete stepping stones years ago when I lived in Florida. They're easy. Just place a bunch of bricks on an old piece of plywood to make a form and fill it with concrete mixed a little too wet. Drift in the junk and let it sit. That's pretty much it.

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