Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bicycle Diaries - Adventure on Two Wheels

On Saturday Aleve and Nicole arranged a bicycle adventure for about thirteen inquisitive friends. We all showed up at Nicoles at 6:00 where we had the option of good lemonade or bad lemonade. You had to be there to know the distinction. After reading a first clue we were off on our bike adventure where clues lead to clues lead to clues lead to a picnic near Hogans Fountain. At one point one of our clues was corrupted by someone who found it and added a clue of their own. Had we followed that clue we would have been in PT's trying to get the phone number of a dancer named Prancer without taking no for an answer. The photos from top to bottom are:
1) Lemonade, Aleve and Bart before taking off.
2) Presenting the first clue.
3) Bikes in waiting.
4) Children's chalk art on the front porch.
5) Presenting our aces for two clues at Old Town Liquor.
6) Grafiti art at Carmichaels Books. The clue was hidden in"Bicycle Diaries" by David Byrne.
7) Final destination with the adventure design team.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tyler Park Found Art

Someone scribbled this on a concrete embankment just outside the Tyler Park tunnel. While playing there with Ruby this morning I captured it on the ole phone. Looks like someone found their voice.

Aged Bourbon - My Past

I believe the year was 1997. It could have been 1998. For halloween I created this Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey bottle to wear. I tossed it aside when I moved back home in 1999 but apparently someone rescued it from the trash and propped it up alongside their hearth. Years later one of my friends attended a party in the home of the rescuer and sent me this picture of it. Like all old empty whiskey bottles its both wonderful and sad. When I was wearing it at a big pre-halloween party called "Decadence" a fight broke out between two guys that were wasted. I stepped in to break up the fight but the costume only allowed me to waddle in and say ..."Hey guys, this aint cool. Break it up." Everyone started chanting "Alcoholic Beverages for Non Violence!" and that became an oft chanted slogan among our friends. Ah New Orleans. Only there do you find bourbon wading in to stop a brawl.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Slept Just Fine in Seattle

Seattle is not remarkably different from most big cities when it comes to graffiti in the urban landscape. Here's a dozen glimpses of art by anonymous artists in Seattle captured on my iPhone using the camerabag ap set to Lolo mode. They don't blow up big, but who cares.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hot Water - Green Roof

This is the roof on a housing project by architect Carsten Stinn that I was able to visit as part of a bike tour with the Living Futures Conference in Seattle WA today. This shows the solar hot water system on the green roof. More buildings should include these strategies very soon.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

When it Rains...

I'm in Seattle Washington for the Living Futures conference and saw this rain diversion idea. Very cool. Lots of good ideas poking out around here. And what a lovely way to contain equisetum. Thick concrete walls. Perfect.