Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chalk and Children

This morning when I went out to the truck to go to work I noticed a chalk drawing on the sidewalk. I later found out it was the work of Erin and Ruby but at the time I thought it was probably the girls down the street. I have always loved the fresh abandon in the line quality of children's art. They are often bold in a way that gets squeezed out of us as we get older and gain better command over tools like chalk. So I took a picture with my iPhone on the CameraBag ap set to Lolo mode. Love that little tool and it does amazing things with chalk. I think chalk must reflect light in a unique way using that specific tool. Later at a house concert where Will Anders and Tim Johnson played there was children's chalk art on the steps (lower picture). Same thing.
Makes me want to get out the oil paints and see if there is any way I can come close to these with paint. Oh do I wish I had more time for that kind of thing.


Julia said...

These are gorgeous, and there's something a little mystical about them--like cave paintings.

Magic said...

I've always loved art. It's been something I can plunge into head first. Something I can do without fear.