Thursday, January 24, 2008

Radio Frequency

I suppose it will be inevitable that a personal narrative will evolve unless there is care to obscure things. But would a reader ever know that?

I feel most comfortable when listening to a good radio show on tube driven sound. And since I prefer comfort I make sure there are radios around. Nearly every room and my desk at work has one.

I have now learned to download some of my farvorite shows, such as This American Life, onto an iPhone (that's another story) and send them to my radio with a doohickey. (Bottom picture)
I like that crossover of new and old technologies playing nicely together for my enjoyment.

Whiskey makes all that even more fun.

A dark winter night sipping a little good whiskey by the warm glow of a tube radio playing nice music is tonic.

Tube tone is mellow. Some people prefer different whiskeys with different foods or cigars. For me, I prefer bourbons with tones that match the radio frequencies.

Are your ready to play the fun Crows Nest weekly blog game? We are starting simple by playing everybody's favorite Bejeezus Heros game.

Find Otis.

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tracylynn45 said...

we have taken to hooking flat screen fabulously perfect televisions to old radio floor consoles, playing the sound out of the consoles once the record players stop spinning. it's a perfect old meets new combo.