Saturday, August 23, 2008

Brazil Isn't Brazil No More

My nephew George graduated from high school back in May. As part of his graduation gift I challenged him to go on a Kentucky road trip. There were dollar values for getting to destinations, extra cash for pictures of county courthouses, bonus cash for animal yard art and the encouragement to take pictures of church marquees with those witty sayings like "What is missing from CH CH? UR" Or my favorite..."Jesus Is Sufficent" (sic)

Photographs were required proof of getting to a destination. This picture, which by the way I like, is by George from his road trip.

It turns out that Brazil Kentucky has had a name change. It is now Chestnut Flats. That puzzles me since the American Chestnut has been wiped out. Seems like it ought to be the other way around. Chestnut Flats should now be Brazil. But who am I to go against local opinion. All politics is local.

Here are some of the other destinations on the challenge:


BESSIE, KY (74, I-3) $20
WOODMAN, KY (57, H-8) $20

TYEWHOPPETY, KY (62, H-5) $10
EIGHTY-EIGHT, KY (82, A-5) $10

RABBIT HASH, KY (22, H-2) $5
AWE, KY (29, I-8) $5
BLACK GNAT, KY (66, C-4) $5
ROBERTA, KY (33, E-8) $5
BRAZIL, KY (52, G-5) $5
LIGGETT, KY (88, D-3) $5
EDSEL, KY (41, E-8) $5
FRAKES, KY (87, F-6) $5
PROTEMUS, KY (76, H-4) $5
SLAUGHTERS, KY (44, H-5) $5

If you end up going to all of these places you will have a good idea of Kentucky geography. Let me know if you hit any of these hot spots. Who knows... the cash value may be good for you too. Like I said...who knows?

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tracylynn45 said...

What? No Pleasureville?