Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mobility Envy

For the first time today at a family gathering I could really see Toot contemplating mobility as she watched an older cousin cruising around, showing off, entertaining the adults assembled. I could almost hear the notions in her head, thinking to herself; "I could do that. Look at how all those big people get a kick out of her. Just cause she gets around. I'm gonna do that too one day and then she won't be the bees knees. I can take her."


breedermama said...

Consider yourself lucky that the little motivator doesn't live with y'all. Easy-E decided his brother was worth chasing and rolled his britches right across the floor at 3 months. And then he got fast, quick. Enjoy these lazy days with Miss Toot!

crow said...

Consider us warned. You aren't the only one that has told us how much more work it is once they boogey.

Nancy Gift said...

I love remembering that stage. It always amazed me how my girls were far more interested in other kids than in adults. Peer pressure is innate, frighteningly.

BTW, I love the post on the curious garden. Sounds a lot like how Pittsburgh has changed, actually.