Monday, March 23, 2009

A Most Excellent Afternoon

Went to the zoo with Carmen and Little Toot. What fun. Then I came home and continued working in the garden. I can feel my age a little. The first really hard day of gardening was yesterday and today I'm sore. I used to not feel so sore after that first spring day in the yard. The digging gets my shoulders now.

I potted up some longhandled dipper gourds and some luffa sponge gourds and put them in the cold frame. For you few folk that actually read my blog here's a prize for you. I'm giving the first person that comments on this entry a choice of luffa or dipper gourd, and the second can have what's left. And if no one comments...I'll just plant em. And when you come pick em up I'll pour you a bourbon.

Germination on the luffa is 7-14 days.
Germination on the dipper gourd is 10-14 days.

So in two weeks you should be able to come get your plants. That will put us right at the average last frost date. Ready to go out in your yard or nurture a while longer in their pots.

Then we can all stand out in the rain and scrub each others backs with luffas come fall.


HH said...

i win!

crow said...

Which you want? The Luffa or the Longhandled Dipper Gourd? I'd pick the latter. Cause you would have all kinds of opportunities to say "Longhandled Dipper Gourd." Which is fun to say.

ketti said...

If only I had a place to plant it with sunlight! ALAS!! Another renter's dilemma. I know there are community gardens...they just so often are boxes and I want to sprawl out. My plan is to put some tomatoes in at a gardening friend's in Bardstown and go check on them every two weeks for my summer canning project. Chutney I hope!