Sunday, February 10, 2008

Commercial Design Gone South

Jessica Woolards "AND HOW" blog "I hate you baby corn" got me thinking about canned goods. You know, those things you gather up at Christmas time to box up for some needy family. It's hard not to hate canned goods these days. The food inside isn't likely to be all that good and it's almost certain to have come from thousands of miles away. But worse still, it isn't even packaged very pleasingly. What happened to our canned food design ethic? From looking around in junk stores over the better part of my life I have come to realize that our marketing people could learn a few things from the label designers of the mid 1900s. I would buy a can of something if it looked good.

And to that end I have a recommendation for you. Down at the Cressman Center (100 E. Main Street, Louisville) the show that's up for a short time longer (I think it comes down on Feb. 16th) includes a collection of vintage dog food cans. And get this, they still have dog food in them. In essence they are time-capsules of genetic information about horses, cows, pigs, ducks, bunnies, and such.

Here's a tip from a fellow that has navigated most of my valentine days successfully. Take your gal on a romantic gallery hop for two to see the dog food cans. But follow it up with a nice dinner at Proof or something like that.

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