Saturday, February 2, 2008

Liquor In the Coop

I read an article recently about a hen that was famous in her day for her egg laying capabilities. I think the story mentioned that she laid more than 290 eggs one year. I intended to save the article but I wrapped a dead mouse in it by mistake. Apparently this hen was so famous that there were front page news articles about her and at one point more than 300 people came to see her. What struck me as the most interesting thing about the entire article is the fact that someone would know how many eggs their hen produced. The whole story is dependent on someone counting and keeping records. I don't count my eggs. That's because none have ever hatched and I have been warned against counting them until that happens.

We do however watch our chickens. I can even recommend it. And I promise you that it is more entertaining than most of what other things you may watch. Especially if TV is among them. We have set up chairs around our coop so that the chicken watching is easy and comfortable. We have a liquor cabinet in the coop and several glasses in the event that someone joins us. It is nice to be able to say, "Can I pour you a shot of bourbon?" if someone joins you while you are chicken sittin.

It is cold now but warmer days are coming. Plan on stopping by one evening to watch our chickens with us. It's quite a show.

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