Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

I consider this to be a super bowl. And I am willing to back that up with reasons. It is of good size. It is of good weight. It holds fruits and vegetables and popcorn with equal ease. The glaze is old and therefore has that kind of crackley finish that gives it character. It was rescued from a yard sale. The ribbing on the outside makes it easy to hold onto when it is wet and you are trying to dry it. The color is pleasing. I own it outright with no leans, mortgages or shares with other partners save my wife. It fits neatly under the flour sifter in the cabinet. It looks good.

This is me watching my super bowl on this first Sunday in February of 2008. Go bowl!

1 comment:

solocholo said...

i flew kites that day...your bowl would make a good hat also...