Saturday, October 25, 2008

Profusion of Greens

At the farmers market today there were greens options. Kale, collards, mustards, almost every stand. A few cool nights, a bit of rain and they start popping. Fine by me. Carmen and I eat greens of some sort with nearly every meal. One of my favorite fall meals is greens and skillet fried corn fritters. Throw in Carmen's acorn squash and blackbean dish and... ummmm. This is today's haul from the Bardstown Rd. Farmers Market.

Here's our standard greens cooking method:

1. Wash the greens and rip them.
2. Start a pot to boil with a cup of stock and a glug of olive oil.
3. Add pepper flakes or a diced hot pepper.
4. Wash the ripped greens.
5. Wash the ripped greens. (This is not redundant.)
6. Transfer the dripping wet greens to the boiling pot and cover.
7. After greens wilt, stir and add a dash of cumin.
8. Reduce heat to simmer and let em go till the rest of dinner is ready.

Optional: Add a half teaspoon of bacon grease after 10 minutes.

1 comment:

MyDear said...

Now try this:
Wash greens
rip greens
chop garlic, you know how much
pour olive oil in bottom of pot
stir fry garlic
add ripped greens, dripping with water
stir around
let cook down, stir occasionally
pour some soy sauce/tamari over greens while cooking.
You still get a little pot liquer, but the nutrients aren't leached into a pot full of water.