Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Ruby Update

Out of onesies and into britches. Thank god. I hate onesies now. How humiliating.


b said...

really, im a fan of the onsie. but i do legwarmers with the onsie. pants make diaper changing a longer prosess.

but congrats to ruby and her britches.

crow said...

If truth be told... I like dresses best. Onsies are for babies.

I think I'm just so glad she's finally into the cooing and looking around and smiling at you phase. The first three months are pretty boring with a baby if you ask me.

She's more animated now. It's almost like she recognizes me.

b said...

Of course she recognizes you, You're the Pops! Yeah, MJ has been cooing and smiling since week 5. Doc said she was a strangely advanced with the happiness.. . . I said what a great thing to be advanced with.

Glad that The Rubes ( I call my friend Ruby that, is that okay?) is starting to entertain.

crow said...

You can call her Rubes.

Now she's into sing along. Mom and Pops are both incredibly awful singers but Ruby doesn't mind. Erin made up a really cool personal version of "Hush Little Baby Don't Say a Word" and Ruby coos right along. Almost as bad at singing as we are. Maybe not quite because she makes up for tonal deficiencies with cuteness.