Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hand Clicked Photos of Hand Clicked Video - A Review

Consider this my photographic review of an event that took place at the Green Building on Market Street last evening. Billed as an evening of "hand clicked video" what it actually turned out to be was one of the most interesting visual collages of 2008 and there's a good bit of that year behind us now. Bill Terry (I have a Montag cd. It's a favorite. Most people know Bill as a Wild and Woollyian.) was the jockey behind the hard driving list of 40+ videos stitched together into a YouTube list that "clicked" off in the new screening room of Gill Holland's Green Building on Market Street. Bill must spend a good bit of time pursuing things that lesser folk would dismiss as digital clutter. For me, seeing the video clips cobbled together through the Bill Terry lens was a like waking up from a 50 year nap on the couch with the tv on. Lots of half memory, a sore neck and vague recollections of plot lines and commercial pitches. The highlights for me were some old 7-up commercials, a wide-eyed bird animation from Sesame Street and a hillarious clip of Ed McMahon in his cups on the Johnny Carson show. A few of the clips dragged on. I caught myself watching the little white ball at the bottom of the screen march slowly toward the finish line more than once. But that's a small price to pay. The audience would fall silent during those passages but most of the time it was giggles, grins and commentary added by audience and nearby friends.

I think this is a concept with legs. Hope the Louisville Film Society can start this up as a regular showing. Perhaps they can bring back the community lecture series in conjunction. I would love to go to a lecture by one of our local creatures of creativity backed up by found video. Or maybe Bill Terry can just do this once a month. I get the feeling we didn't exhaust his bookmarked favorites list.

The Green Building was the other star of the evening. A newly renovated masterpiece without the "new building smell." This is Gill Holland's project to bring a LEED Platinum building to town and no matter what the US Green Building Council thinks the place is a new Louisville gem. The project used most of the wood removed from the project in early demolition work to create "new" flooring, supporting beams and columns and interior framework. I can't wait to go back to future events in this space. I do think that the smoking crowd should move a grander distance from the front door next time though. So much hard work went into making the indoor air quality of the building a top priority. Hope I can put up a photographic review of the building in a future blog.

The photos in this review were captured on an iPhone using the CameraBag application on lolo mode. Shooting video is potluck. You get what I got. No editing.

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