Saturday, November 8, 2008

More Fall Color

Here's some more fall color captured on an iPhone camera using that CameraBag application on Lolo mode that I blogged about earlier. Click on the photo and check out how cool the grainy image is. I love gritty little images like these way more than the clarity of the sharpest lenses. I want to see better than the cameras I use. That's not a problem with this equipment.

This is a gingko shot on November 6th. What I love about gingkos in the fall is not just the color. They lose all their leaves in a few short hours. The leaves literally rain down from these trees in two hours leaving a yellow puddle under the tree. If that happens on a day that isn't windy it looks like a yellow nightgown has slipped off its shoulders. Nature is so damn sexy.

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ketti said...

I love your analogy. I have always noticed this about the gingko and that they are usually the last to turn and then it is rapid!

I got to experience autumn in Europe this year, a new one for me. Not as much brilliant reds and oranges there, but more yellow. More birch, less maple, I suppose.