Saturday, November 8, 2008

Homemade Things

Our friends have made Ruby so many wonderful things and it's hard to say how much we appreciate that. Ruby's hat was knit by Janey Girl, one of my best friends from Tallahassee days. And the cute little hand sewn kitty was made for Ruby by Airy who lives just a few houses away. The purple underbelly was from one of her favorite shirts that wore out from loving it so. And this isn't all. We have a nice cedar chest that this will all be stored in after Ruby grows out of it or quits carrying it around so she'll have it for when she's a big girl and will appreciate such things in a brand new way. So... thanks to all of you that have been so kind.

Miss Ruby has tons of clothes and all of it, with one or two exceptions, is handed down. Not only is it soft and comfortable from use but it also lowers the carbon footprint of buying new things. This little pumpkin outfit was a fall favorite. We are gonna scoop her out and make a pie out of her.

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